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Beauton Art Gallery

Beauton Art Gallery is the best place to buy original art online. Find the perfect original painting, drawing & more.


Experience new artworks every week. Here we show the newest art in the gallery.

Original Paintings

We have a large collection of fine art paintings and modern contemporary art paintings. Our main focus is quality in all our artworks and we would like to introduce our handpicked collection of fine art by our skilled and emerging artists. W we offer a wide variety of genres and styles, such as abstract, graphical, minimalistic, surrealism or expressionist paintings.

Drawings, Illustrations & Limited Prints

We have a large collection of fine art illustrations, drawings & limited prints by talented and renowned artists. So if you would like to own an original drawing or start your own collection. We offer a wide variety of genres, styles and mediums, such as portraits, comics, linocuts, mixed media, surrealistic, animals, architecture and many more.

Fine Art Photography & Collage Art

We would love to present our wide selection of fine art photography and collage art by our talented artists and up-and-coming photographers. We offer amazing photographs and collage art in various motifs, genres and styles, such as portraits, black and white, naturalistic and many more.

Sculptures & New Media Art

We offer a wide variety of sculptures of different expressions and materials, which operates in the three dimensions. We have complete freedom of materials and processes and offer from plastic arts to clay, stone, ceramics, metal and wood. We are also very interested in new media art where we love new and interesting ways of expressing art using today's modern technologies.

Wall Paintings & Interactive New Media Art

We also offer the possibility to create an inspiring and creative environment with either street art, installations, murals, interactive new media art. Here you can see our international skillful decorating artists, where you can find inspiration on how your environment can be surrounded with beautiful and inspiring art.

  • Artist Stine Hvid - Illustrations / Murals / Graffiti / Street Art / Paintings / Drawings
  • large big beautiful Wall painting Street Art / Graffiti / Murals / Paintings / Drawings
  • Art in the company, paintings, illustrations, interior design, interior design, creative environment, murals, best artists

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