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Tanja Eijgendaal

large paintings, online art galleries, art drawings, paper clips, illustrations for the modern home, bright colors, colorful, interior design
Tanja Eijgendaal, is a graphic designer from Copenhagen Design College, 1997. Part of the education took place at the School of Visual arts in New York.
For 16 years, Tanja Eijgendaal has worked partially with graphic design and as a performing artist. In addition, she has for years been an independent graphic designer. And in 2007, Tanja Help build værkstedssfællesskabet AS26 in Aarhus.
Since then, Tanja Eijgendaal been associated with various galleries in Denmark and abroad, currently V58, Aarhus, Carré Dártistes, Paris and now Beauton Art Gallery .
Tanja Eijgendaals works creates a dialogue where both colors, shapes and illustrations played against each other. A historical framework phrase has taken its shape. At the same time , there is an openness in the works picturesque depth and abstract universe that indirectly encourages the viewers to be seduced and marvel at the unfinished story that takes place in the works and in this way we are invited to self- fill ' voids ' . - Nina Sølbek Pinderup , Art History Students