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Beauton Art Gallery is the best place to buy original art online. Find the perfect original painting, drawing & more.


Why buy art from us?
We combine our unique taste of both up-coming artists and artists who have recieved recognition. This is a traditional gallery with the convenience of Internet opening hours and with a risk-free purchase.

See it before you buy ...
We know you will love your new artwork. That is why we offer a 14 day money back guarantee on all artworks which is not created specifically for you. Return your artwork within 14 days from receipt and will issue a full refund or on the price of the artwork.  

No risk
When purchasing an artwork you have a 14-day return policy, unless it is specially made for you. That means that you have the ability to see if the artwork works in your surroundings, and thereby fully assess whether it meets your expectations. If you regret your purchase, then either contact us per phone or email, and we'll arrange that the atwork is returned to the artists, and that you will be refunded the full amount minus the associated shipping costs.  

An artwork you love rarely fades and can be enjoyed for many years and generations. We can only recommend anyone to fill your home with art.

Talented artists
Each artist and each work of art you see in the gallery is reviewed by our panel of curators, led by our gallery manager. We are proud to work closely with our talented artists. Our panel of curators includes photographers, professors at leading art schools, illustrators, educated and talented self-taught artists. We have sold art to businesses and individuals, and we are very passionate about our art collection and our artists. 

Satisfied customers
Our highest priority is customer satisfaction and our customers' enthusiasm tells the story best:

We received the painting "Blue Mountains" on a Friday, which now hangs in our bedroom, and yes, and we are raving about it. It is a joy to wake up to this beautiful painting. The service was the best, and we highly recommend buying his art from their gallery. Thanks again and continued success with your excellent concept.

- Marie Lind Holm Larsen
When I saw the painting the website, I was hooked immediately. However, I had my reservations about buying a painting online. -I was worried about whether it was safe enough, and if the painting would look as good in reality?
But I must say that all my skepticism is proved wrong. The quality of the painting is top notch, and the photos I saw on the website responded completely consistent with how the painting really looks like. The deal was safe and easy to implement and I got good service from Beauton Art Gallery.
The painting has hung above the sofa for a few weeks and we enjoy it every day.
- Sahra Bak
I had been looking at this painting for a long time, which I thought was super cool, but I must admit that I was a little nervous to buy it online. I therefore wrote to artunika to be sure that I could return the painting if I found it not to fit my expectations. They responded right away, and it was not a problem. Then I took the plunge and bought the painting. Received it in good condition and can only say that I never needed to return it.
- Jens Christiansen
My purchase from Beauton was quite satisfactory. Praise for Beauton Art Gallery for good service.
I am very impressed with the painting.
Can definitely recommend buying art from you.
- Stefan D. Nielsen
The decor of our business premises has given our surroundings new life and have spire creativity to such an extent that it went beyond all my expectations. I highly recommend Beauton. 
- Rasmus Cruger Lund, RCL Consulting


It has been known that investment in artwork, can provide a big return and by investing in art the return is completely tax free. Since our goal is to only work with talented and serious artists, we also assume that artworks purchased from us can be viewed as investments, whose value will increase with time.

»Art is a good supplement to traditional investments in equities and bonds, and the target audience is both private collectors and investment funds. Investing in art has over the last decade proved to be an extremely lucrative complement to investments in securities. The return has often been higher than traditional investments while tax-free, "says Kim Lykke Pedersen, who operates" Copenhagen Vurderingshus Aps.«.


Curious about an artist?
Are you interested to know more about an artist? Do you need an experienced opinion? We are passionate about our collection. Contact us anytime to get your questions answered.


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If you have any questions, you're more than welcome to write us. Post your question in the contact form below and press send. We look forward to hearing from you.