Winter Illustration #3


29.7 × 42 cm
11.69 × 16.54 in
350 kr.
EUR 47
USD 55
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Illustration #3 to the book Vinter by Halfdan Pisket and Fryd Frydendahl, with text by Bjørn Rasmussen, Christina Hagen and Asbjørn Skou.

A3 art print printed on environmentally friendly, acid-free, archival 160 g. high-quality art-paper with pigmented UV-protected ink.

The book "Vinter" can be purchased here:

Halfdan Pisket works with graphics, illustration, animation, video & comics. Where storytelling always is the center of Halfdan's works, whether it's video or drawings.

His technique and detail is intensive which charges the work with  immediacy and strong feelings. The viewer is invited into his works to experience something new and unknown by comparing it to something we know.