Zven Balslev

Zven Balslev, born 1977, is a graduate MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 2006. Lives and works in Copenhagen.

Balslev has focused his artistic practice on graphic art and drawing. His surreal, strong, dark yet humorous universe makes a characteristic and unique style that goes beyond the predetermined.
He experiments with various graphic techniques such as silkscreen, print, lino-cut, ink and white-out collages.

Balslev’s rich and complex works have appeared on a wide variety of publications, books, record covers and posters. Furthermore, is he internationally known for his work with Smittekilde Publishing. Today he runs Cult Pump Publishing.

Museums and public collections:

The National Gallery of Denmark, The Royal Collection of Graphic Arts
The Danish Arts Foundation


Leif Djurhuus Collection

Copenhagen Culture Committee

Brede Værk- Museum of Industrial Culture

Aarhus Hospital


Prizes and awards:

2013 - The Danish State Art Foundation work scholarship

2013 - Ragnvald & Ida Blix Foundation

2011 - The Danish State Art Foundation travel grant

2011 - Ragnvald & Ida Blix Foundation travel grant

2009 - Dansk tennis fond, residence in Gudhjem

2008 - The Danish State Art Foundation work scholarship

2005 - Memorial Fund of Maria Månsson


2000-2006 - The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

2002-2004 - Painting school by Professor Peter Bonde

2004-2006 - Graphic school by Professor Erik Steffensen


2017 - "Gnawlers" TegnArt Space, Jyderup

2017 - "Spiser Spøgelser" Byens Kro

2016 - “Menneske", Marie Kirkegaard

2015 - “Gourmeat” with Andy Bolus, Friche Belle De Mai, Marseille

2014 - “Tourettelino" Limited Works, Copenhagen

2014 - "Gourmeat" with Andy Bolus, Marie Kirkegaard Gallery

2013 - ”Choke”, art & science, The University of Southern Denmark

2013 - ”The Artist formerly known as Fedtmule: Whiteout”, Værelse 101

2013 - ”CANCRE”, SOD Gallery

2011 - ”YODA SALAMI” Permild & Rosengreen, Copenhagen

2011 - ”KULTPUMPEN” DAMP, Copenhagen

2010 - ”NEO-WOW” STAALPLAAT/Le petit mignon, Berlin.

2010 - ”Cult Pump- the Purgatory” Charlotte Fogh Contemporary, Århus

2009 - ”POMPE CULTE” Galerie Going Blind, Grenoble, France

2008 - ”LOPPETJANS” DUNK! Copenhagen

2008 - ”WITCH´S TITZ” Charlotte Fogh Contemporary, Århus

2006 - ”SHOW US YOUR SLIME” Fung Sway Showroom, Copenhagen


Curator / Censorship:

2013 - Censor on Vestsjællands Art Exhibition

2013 - Holbæk Censorship and Curation at the Artists' Easter Exhibition

2013 - “Konfrontation” Den Frie Udstillingsbygning

2011 - “Room 217” ApArt.

1998-2010 - Smittekilde publishing house

2009 - “Ting, man ikke må lege med”, SAS

2006 - “Patient Zero/ Broken Nose”, Showroom, Fabric of art and design