Falling Hills


25 × 34 cm
9.84 × 13.39 in
700 kr.
EUR 94
USD 116
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Falling Hills - 25 x 34cm. An original hand printed linocut by the artist Josephine Kyhn.

Lino print on Japan paper. The illustration is from a Greenlandic legend called 'The Shaman who flew to the moon'.

The print is out of a series of 15 pieces, and can vary in appearance as it is hand printed. The print is sold without frame.

Josephine Kyhn is an Copenhagen based illustrator, studying at The Royal Danish Academy of Architecture, Design and Conservation. Through experiments with material and expression, she loves to storytelleing and her expression balances between the naive and more surreal. At the moment ink and linocut is what fascinates Josephine in her work.