I'm Not there


50 × 70 cm
19.69 × 27.56 in
6.700 kr.
EUR 900
USD 1,047

Acrylics on two layers of glass.

Framed in a black aluminum frame.

Mette Grøngaard, b. 1980, artist and designer graduated from the Kolding School of Design in 2008.
Black ink, paint stains, precise lines and dots forms Grøngaard's art. Where she draws references from classical drawing and uses Japanese calligraphy. Mette's work contain a great precision while fast and playful brush strokes creates a powerful and vivid expression – it is in this field that Mette’s sensitive works are made.
"When I create my work, I work with two states of mind: the intuitive and the conscious. One can have a tangible idea of what it is you want to create, but it is in the intuitive state of mind that the unforeseen and the power of the work is created. I think an art piece is exciting when both expressions are present.”