Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel/return my purchase?
- Yes, you can cancel your order up to 14 days after you receive the artwork. It is important to us that you have time to decide if the artwork is right for you and your surroundings.

When do I get the artwork?
- International delivery time varies according to destination. Contact us either by email or phone to get details on  delivery time to your specific destination.

What are the delivery costs?
- We offer FREE delivery on orders over 1000 kr. (EUR 140 / USD 170) from artists who reside in your country. If we need to send the artwork to another country, there will be added surcharge of delivery. The added surcharge is visible on the checkout page.

Do you ship internationally?
- Yes. We ship artworks worldwide.

What if I discover any damages on the artwork when I receive it?
- If you, contrary to our expectations, receive a package that has visible signs of damage during transportation, then it is important that you receive the package with reservations or open the package while the shipping company's staff are watching. If the content is damaged, the shipping company's staff can help you make the compensation case.
It is also possible to refuse acceptance of a damaged package. Then it will return to us for compensation.

Does the artwork get damaged during transportation?
- No, we make sure to pack all artworks carefully before we send them. In this way, we ensure that the artwork can withstand the trip without being damaged.

How do I buy an artwork?
- Find the artwork you wish to purchase and click on the "add to cart" button. Then click "checkout" - here you can either pay by bank transfer or online via credit card - either VISA VISA card, Mastercard. Entering your credit card information is encrypted and uses a secured server. We do not keep any credit card information at any time.
If you want to buy an artwork by phone, please contact us on + 45 93 93 44 40.

If I cancel my purchase, how do I return the artwork?
- When canceling a purchase, contact us either by email or phone and give us notice. Then we will inform you the return address. The artwork must be returned in the same condition as you received it and the buyer is responsible for shipping costs. Subsequently, we refund your payment to your account within 14 days accordingly to the Consumer Contracts Act § 21 paragraph. 3 and 4.

Do the artworks keep their value if I choose to sell it?
- Our featured artists are all highly talented and serious. We represent artists who have gained recognition in the art scene, and they are all promising, emerging talents. Therefore, purchased artworks from our gallery are considered investment objects whose value increases with time.

Is it possible to get advice on which artwork to choose?
- Yes, we would love to give good advice for either business or personal decoration.

Are the artworks unique, or found in multiple copies?
- We have both original unique artworks and art-print. Art-print refers to various processes for producing editions of an artwork; including both limited-edition art-prints and open-edition art-prints in processes like woodcut, linocut, etching, engraving, monotype, lithography, screen print, digital print, transfer etc.
It is written next to the artwork if it is an original, limited edition or open edition.

Who are the artists?
- Our artists consist of both young and emerging talents, as well as artists who have achieved recognition and has many years experience.
We are passionate about our art collection and we ensure high-quality by letting a panel of curators, led by our gallery manager Christian D. H, judge and select all our artists and their artworks. It is our focus to represent diversity and to offer an extensive range of art.

How often can I see new artworks on the website?
- We upload new art on the gallery every week. It is always a new experience to see our collection. Also, we recommend that you become a part of our arts community, either by following us on Facebook or Twitter. Just click on the Facebook 'like' button or Twitter button at the bottom of the page.

What kind of art do you exhibit?
- We exhibit original artworks, limited-editions and open-editions created by both new emerging and established artists from across the world.

How is artwork chosen?
- A panel of curators, led by our gallery manager Christian D. H., judge and select each artist and artwork we exhibit.

How do I search for and buy art?
- Click on the "Collection" button in the top-menu - here you can can filter artworks by type, category, subject, medium, size, color, and price.

Do you have a physical gallery location?
- We do not have a physical gallery. However, we regularly participate in and arrange exhibitions, art fairs and temporary art shows and events. If you would like information about our next event, please either join our Facebook page or Twitter feed at the bottom of this page.