Art in the company

Benifits of art in the company
Just as well as selecting art and furniture for your home to create a comfortable and stimulating environment, it is equally important to prioritize in the workplace - albeit not more important. The vast majority of us spend more time in the workplace than in our living room. Good art in the workplace can provide the basis for a creative, inspirational and motivating work environment with happy and satisfied employees, which we will ultimately emphasize a company's bottom line.

Art on the walls creates the foundation for a stimulating work environment where employees can inspire and motivate increased creativity and productivity.
Art reflects the company's sense of quality and creativity.
Art signals profits and success to customers, business associates, and business partners.
The Beauton team is happy to assist in the selection of works of art, so that the art fits precisely to your company's desired profile, interior design, colors, size, etc .. We will be happy to visit and offer a non-binding offer for decoration and price, tailored to your workplace ' Wishes and needs.
Rental of artworks
At Beauton Art we offer the opportunity to rent artworks. Contact us per mail or phone if your company is interested in renting artworks.
What do the customers say?
Our highest priority is customer satisfaction, and our customer's enthusiasm tells the story best:
»The decor of our business premises has revitalized our surroundings and has inspired creativity to such an extent that it exceeded all my expectations. I highly recommend the Beauton Art Gallery.«
- Rasmus Crüger Lund, RCL Consulting