Terms & Conditions

The artwork is sent directly from the artist, and delivery time is usually up to 7 days if the artist resides in your own country and up to 2 weeks for international artists. We will inform you in the case of delayed delivery

All artworks comes with an invoice issued by the artist.

Deficiencies and Complaints
Upon delivery, the buyer shall immediately examine the artwork. If you, against our expectations, discover any damage to the artwork, you shall contact us on the day of delivery.

Cancellation of an order
Cancellation of orders must be made in writing either by mail or by letter within 14 days of receipt of the artwork.

Return policy
The buyer can return the artwork within 14 days from the date of receipt of the artwork. The artwork must be returned in the same condition as it was received and in similar packaging.
When returning an artwork, the buyer cover the shipping costs cf. section 21 of the Consumer Agreement Act. 3 and 4.

Deficiencies upon delivery
If you, contrary to our expectations, receive a package that has visible signs of damage during transportation; then it is important that you receive the package with reservations or open the package while the shipping company's staff are watching. If the content is damaged, the shipping company's staff can help you make the compensation case.
It is also possible to refuse acceptance of a damaged package. Then it will return to us for compensation.

Since we do not want to have exclusive agreements with our artists, it can happen that an artist has sold a piece of art through other channels. We have not experienced this before, but if it occurs, the buyer will be informed immediately.

We offer, accordingly to the European legislation, 2-year warranty. If the artwork should break within this period, we will arrange for it to be repaired. That is if the artwork has not been subjected to any misconduct.