Act of Pattern VIII


70 × 50 cm
27.56 × 19.69 in
1.400 kr.
EUR 188
USD 233
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Kalisz’s project "Act of pattern" is focused on the female body. Concentrated on the delicate and soft forms of the woman body she plays the game of shadows where light shows parts of women’s figures covered in patterned materials placed on colorful backgrounds. Nameless bodies make the scene more mysterious and the paintings seem almost abstract- eyes get lost in the multitude of lines, colors, and shapes. The ornaments that is used are mainly from the Middle East where she is fascinated by the symmetry, colors, harmony, and rhythm. "Act of Pattern" is a reflection of her experience, travels and traditions, where she aims to combine two different cultures: European (female nude) and Islamic (ornaments).

Printed with pigmented "archival ink" on FABRIANO GF paper, 310 g, 100% cotton.

The print has a white border as seen in the picture where it is framed.

Limited edition print 1/250.