26 × 23 cm
10.24 × 9.06 in
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REVERSED WING - 26 x 23 cm. An original painting by artist Rafael Guerrero Céspedes.

About Rafael Guerrero Céspedes's works

The conceptual objective is the study of our tendency to emigrate, and how this affects our identity. It is our interest in how transfers in air takes place aesthetically, from our fascination for flying, recreated in numerous iconographic images and poetry, based on the universe around flight.

2011 Premi de Pintura Torres García - Ciutat de Mataró, Barcelona, ​​Spain. 1th. prize
2009 Premi Internacional de Pintura Miquel Viladrich, Lleida, Spain. 2nd prize

Rafael Guerrero Céspedes i a graduate in Master of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona.

Guerrero works with strong references to opposing cultures in everyday life. In his works, displacement and the migration is a common element. Where he joins reality and the belonging together.

Céspedes is featured in the following collections:

“Giro”. Archive MACBA, 2018, Barcelona / Spain

“Finger”. Cambra de la Propietat Urbana de Barcelona / Spain

Museu D’Art Contemporaride Barcelona (MACBA), Archive/Collection, 2014, Spain.

Tecnocampus Museum, Collection, 2013, Mataró, Spain.

Cambra de la Propietat Urbana de Barcelona, Collection, 2012, Spain.