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hYUK, is a self-educated artist and works with drawing, painting, installation and photo. hYUK usually works with a minimalistic style including contrasts based on contemporary art. Soon you will be able to see some rather abstract works.
His art is generally with observations and a concern for social, political, economic and environmental curcomstainces.
In 2013 hYUK had no less than three shows on different galleries.
VESS Showroom - "FLOK"
BLAA Galleri - "We are behaving"
GALLERIGA - "Monday Again"
Last year he was also performing his art with The Triangle Project #9 + #10 during Roskilde Festival and in Istanbul.
hYUK just finished The Triangle Project #11 in New York including exhibitions and performances.
Last show was a sole on BLAA Galleri from the 9. - 30. May 2014.