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Lærke Langballe

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Langballe works sculpturally in a ceramic imaginative universe, in which some creations are very organic, and others very mechanical. The sculptures are often made of different materials, giving them a twist of humor. It surprises and makes your mind wonder off.

The sculptures encourages the viewer to enter into a dialogue with the creations, and freely use their imagination to invent a history to each creation...
None of the sculptures are outlined before making them, but created in the process. Langballe works intuitively. This method of working gives her the opportunity to integrate 'play' in her work with ceramics, and thus to experiment with shapes and expressions.
Group Exhibition "mechanic picnic" at lunch money gallery
Artists Summer Exhibition
Group Exhibition AFGANG11 in Silkeborg Art House
Group Exhibition AFGANG11 on Kirsten Kjaer museum
Autumn Art Exhibition
Group Exhibition AFGANG11 on Fussingø slot
Graduation Exhibition at Ceres brewery in Aarhus
Graduated from Aarhus Art Academy
[clay it out loud] project Incuba Science Park
cepokrea (center of political creativity) - a collaboration between [clay it out loud] and chaos pilot Simon Holmgaard.
A 4-day workshop for the country's youth politicians, with subsequent installation exhibition, inspired by young politicians reflections.
Group Exhibition at Reykjavik City Hall