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Beauton Art Gallery is the best place to buy original art online. Find the perfect original painting, drawing & more.

Safe Art Trade

Secure and safe art trade
Hang any painting in your home for 14 days on us
When purchasing a painting or another work of art is not specially made for you, you have a 14-day return policy. That means that you you have the ability to watch and enjoy the artwork in your surroundings. 
In fact, we recommend that no matter where you buy any painting or other piece of art to view it where it belongs, and thereby fully assess whether it meets your expectations.
A painting you love rarely fades and can be enjoyed for many years and generations and we can only recommend anyone to try and replace one of the posters with a beautiful painting.  
No risk associated with art purchases
You can safely place an order with us and enjoy painting in your home or your workplace, and thereby assess whether it meets your expectations. If you regret your purchase, then either contact us per phone or email and we'll arrange that the painting is returned to the artists and that you will be refunded the full amount minus the associated freight costs.
Quality Art
It is our goal that represents top emerging artists, primarily from Denmark and the rest of Europe. We are passionate about our art collection and the artists we work with. Our artists consist of both very young, unknown and emerging talents, as well as artists who have achieved great recognition, with many years of experience. And common to all of our art is that we concentrate on exhibiting paintings of high quality. Which means that all of our artists are assessed by an art panel of artists in various disciplines. 
In addition, our goal is to have artists who represent the diversity, which means we can offer art for every taste.


Safe and Secure Art Trading Platform
We offer a secure online payment solution where we have been approved by PBS, PayPal, and secure traffic StartCom certificates. And can thus offer a secure online art trade.


Unique art and limited series
The art we sell is entirely unique paintings and limited editions of either fine art photo series or canvas print. It is always informed next to the exhibited artwork if the artwork is a limited series.

It has been known that investment in Danish paintings and other art can provide a terrific return and by investing in art the return is completely tax free. And since our goal is to work with talented and serious artists, we also assume that artworks purchased from us can be viewed as investment objects whose value increases with time.
»Art is a good supplement to traditional investments in equities and bonds, and the target audience is both private collectors and investment funds. Investing in art has over the last decade proved to be an extremely lucrative complement to investments in securities. The return has often been higher than traditional investments while tax-free, "says Kim Lykke Pedersen, who operates" Copenhagen Vurderingshus Aps.«.

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