Mattia Lullini - Larva 108

Mattia Lullini

Born in Bologna in the June 1985 Mattia Lullini now lives in Barcelona. Drawing, painting, silkscreening and murals are the mediums he uses to create his universe of multiform and psychedelic animals. He loves the art of tribes, of the origins, of men and women from India, Oceania and Americas and in general the decorations. What he draws is the un-human magic. And the animals dreaming.

He has had several personal exhibitions, has been invited to national and international festivals of illustration and street art and has painted around Brasil, England, France, India and Italy.
Selected murals and other intervenctions:
- Audi Ritz Icon Awards, installation. Hilton Hotel, Chennai, India
- Mural w/ Anna Givani. Celante (PN), Italy
- Sub Urb Art 2 Festival, mural. Bunker, Turin, Italy
- Mural w/ Anna Givani. Forte Fanfulla, Rome, Italy
- Crack! 8 Festival, mural. Forte Prenestino, Rome, Italy
- "Dialogues of Civilization", installation w/ Romain Froquet and Rahul Mitra. Montreuil, France
- Macerie Festival, mural. Turin, Italy
- Biennale Democrazia, mural w/ Raw Tella and poet Laura Fusco. Turin, Italy
- Extension Khirkee Festival, murals. New Delhi, India
- Various murals. Various Locations, Brazil
- Cantiere 25, mural. Turin, Italy
- Murals. Various Locations, London, UK
- Cosimo e Nicole, mural for the s.t. film. Turin, Italy
- Sub Urb Art Festival, murals. Turin, Italy
- Crack! 7 Festival, murals. Forte Prenestino, Rome, Italy
- 31° International Kite Festival, painted kite. Cervia, Italy
- Commemoration for the Fascist massacre of Marzabotto, painted kite. Monte Sole, Italy
- "Dkyil'Khor", woman clothes collection w/ Konfuzema, Bologna, Italy
Selected clients:
- Bols Brandy
- Caffè Rubik
- Konfuzema
- Kuzart Lane
- Rebel Academy
- Rrriot Shop
- Xhol Recordings (RIP)
- Yes Yes Yes Mag