Mormor is a Danish artist whose artistic work is molded by the people and spaces around him.

Based in Copenhagen, Mormor started his career in an early age in the streets of his hometown of Aarhus. Today a lot of his pieces can be experienced on canvas or paper and is exhibited in Berlin, New York, Munich as well as in Copenhagen.

He also works with large scale wall paintings spreading widely over public and private spaces primarily in Denmark but also in the whole of Northern Europe. Mormor believes that art is very valuable to life not only to the artist himself but to humans in general. He contributes to this by working with people, in spaces sorrounding by people telling their stories. 

The style of drawing is young, fresh and easy to recognize as an illustration by the hand of Mormor with its very personal expression: Buildings, cities, figures and several other images appear with the well-known line in various medias. With a playfull approach he keeps on challenging his media, exploring several techniques of painting and printing and never ending the process of constantly renewing himself as an artist. 

“I love to experiment and play with materials. To me it's essential to have some really strong ideas behind the pieces and try it out whether it's an illustration or a technique. I work with a lot of different people from private buyers to educational insitutions and art institutions. I suppose I just have this strong interest in people, creating art to the people and love to visualize their stories in my pieces.” 

Selected work


AARhus - Wall paintings for BIG architects

Decoration of public trains wagons for Odense Letbane

Wall painting at Greve Gymnasium

Wall painting for Science EXPO 2019


200th anniversary print for The Federal Reserve Bank of Denmark

Exhibition for Danish Cultural Institute & EUNIC, Riga, Latvia

Wall paintings for Valcon, Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark

Wall paintings for Scandic in the meat packing district of Copenhagen, Denmark

Exhibition at The People's Political Festival of Denmark, Nordea Foundation in collaboration with the Youth Island, Denmark

Wall paintings at the Royal Suite at Hotel Marriot, Copenhagen, Denmark

Wall paintings at Ewalds Brasserie, Copenhagen, Denmark

Publication of book in collaboration with Environment and the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration



Wall paintings at BIG Architects, NY, USA

Wall paintings Brøruphus Efterskole

Wall paintings of Sportcenter and Stadion GOL, Norway

Window painting for Gilt cocktail bar, Copenhagen, Denmark

Wall paintings Aarhus Business School, Aarhus, Denmark

Odense's history, City fence for Odense Municipality, Odense, Denmark



Exhibition "Update" at the Danish Architecture Center DAC, Copenhagen, Denmark

Wall paintings Aarhus Airport, Aarhus, Denmark

Illustrations for Circus Summarum



Wall paintings of Nørrebro Bryghus, Copenhagen, Denmark

Window painting for Noname, Rotterdam, Holland

Wall paintings Aalborg Students Course, Aalborg, Denmark

Wall paintings of Paderup Gymnasium, Paderup, Denmark



Kindergarten sculptures in Kolding's day care institutions, Kolding, Denmark

Workshop for children and young people in collaboration with Randers Kunstmuseum, Randers, Denmark

Exhibition Skagen, Skagen, Denmark

Street art, London, UK

Exhibition Minimum, Aarhus, Denmark

Wall paintings Krabbesholm Højskole, Skive, Denmark

Workshop and illustration for Skansen Hus og Have, Aarhus kommune
Judge at art biennale “Vårsalong”, Aarhus City Hall
Illustration for advertising agency MonSun
Mural Copenhagen, Private
Decoration of LTU Lyngby-Tårbæk Ungdomsskole
Solo Show, “Stramt” Aarhus Godsbanen
Exhibition at the Urban Art Fair STROKE, Munich
Group Exhibition Gallery D
Juge at CATCH12, ARoS Museum of Art
Decoration of Northside Festival backstage area
Decoration of restaurant Kjøbenhavn
Collaboration with SPOT Festival
T shirt design for
T shirt design for designer Bibi Chemnitz
Illustrations for the newspaper Aarhus Affairs
Illustrator for the Copenhagen Post
Wall painting, Copenhagen
Wall painting, Roskilde
Wall painting, Aarhus
Solo show, Øst for Paradis
Group exhibition, Køge Museum of Art
Group exhibition, Gallery Jarsbo
Group exhibition, NGO Skateistan
Group exhibition, IDOART.DK
Wall painting, Studenterhuset Aarhus
Wall painting, Theater Svalegangen
Wall painting, Øst for Paradis
Wall painting, Nightclub V58
T-shirt, Street Coffee
Book cover, ‘Walk This Way’
Poster, Køge Museum of Art
Poster, Streetheart Beats Copenhagen
Poster, danish NGO Verdens Skove
Collaboration, Vestas
Collaboration, Google
Solo show, Street Coffee
Solo show, Recommended
Solo show, Vega Idealbar
Solo show, Gallery Helvetikat
Group exhibition, Rumkammerat
Collaboration, Cobe Architects
Poster, danish NGO GivBlod
Scholarship, The Danish Arts Foundation
Group exhibition, Ridehuset
Group exhibition, Archauz
Group exhibition, Street Heart
Group exhibition, Copenhagen Unfair