50 × 70 cm
19.69 × 27.56 in
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Midnight is the first work in a new series of prints that depict the ultimate city. Where Mormor have been heavily inspired by the 1930s New York and Batman's hometown of Gotham. The goal has been to see how many details, stories, moods and symbols one could put into the overall work.

Midnight is a handmade silk print made in 6 layered colors. The colors play together extremely well and when you have Midnight in your hands you can see that each color is real pigmented acrylic painted on color.

Midnight is made by Le Raclet Studio in Berlin on 200 g Fedrigoni paper.
Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm
Edition: 50 pcs
Numbered and signed by Mormor

Framed in a black wooden frame with Museumsglass with distance from artwork to frame and glass.

Based in Copenhagen, Mormor started his career in an early age in the streets of his hometown of Aarhus. Today a lot of his pieces can be experienced on canvas or paper and is exhibited in Berlin, New York, Munich as well as in Copenhagen. 

The style of drawing is young, fresh and easy to recognize as an illustration by the hand of Mormor with its very personal expression: Buildings, cities, figures and several other images appear with the well-known line in various medias. With a playfull approach he keeps on challenging his media, exploring several techniques of painting and printing and never ending the process of constantly renewing himself as an artist. 

“I love to experiment and play with materials. To me it's essential to have some really strong ideas behind the pieces and try it out whether it's an illustration or a technique. I work with a lot of different people from private buyers to educational insitutions and art institutions. I suppose I just have this strong interest in people, creating art to the people and love to visualize their stories in my pieces.”