My Buemann

My Buemann is a graduate from the The Royal Danish Academy of Design and a Copenhagen based artist and illustrator who primarily works with drawings, analog photo collages and silkscreen prints.

Buemann searches and breach her limits at all times to combine different methods and to explore different media. The scenery is defined, but the means and tools are without limits and with the basis of a simple line her illustrations create an expressive universe. This expressive simplicity is common in Buemanns illustrations, whose graphic work is tight and conceptually strong.

Buemann's illustrations can be adorable and cute, but at the same time there’s something cool, stylish and minimalist about her universe. Most are created from thin black lines and focuses mostly on communicating difficult emotions in a simple way. She strives to cut right to the bone – No unnecessary lines. In every drawing she is trying to say a lot with very little.

"I have always been interested in people and often address people's feelings – rational or irrational – in my work. I use myself as a starting point but a lot of people recognize themselves in my work. I think it’s crucial that we don’t neglect our feelings, but that we dare to acknowledge them, which is part of being alive. I hope that my drawings can be used as a tool which for a moment, makes us feel ourselves.”



Group Exhibition - Aarhus Universitet art association

Group Exhibtion - Beauton Art Gallery
Beauton Art Fair Fall Exhibition

Solo Exhibtion - IDOART Lab
My secret world

Group Exhibition
Christmast Cards

Exhibition with Louise Trane Jensen - CMYK kld
We are only humans

Group Exhibtion - CMYK kld


Art Projects

A magical world
Wall illustration for Copenhagen Comics

Fragile Minds - Illustrated Book
About going through life with a fragile mind

Things where you have to be two
Campaign in collaboration with DR (Danish Television) Culture

Stig P Fashion Week
In collaboration with Stig P

My Notesbook
In collaboration with SNAK

The Distortion Program
In collaboration with Distortion Electronic Music Festival

My best Roskilde Festival moments
In collaboration with DR

Artweek handbook
In collaboration with DR

Tales in the sand
In collaboration with CPH Sand og DR

Are you curious?
In cooperation with DR art association

An appartment in the central square of Copenhagen
In cooperation with DR and the city of Copenhagen