Louise Bech Pedersen

Louise Bech Pedersen is a graduate from the Royal College of Art in London and an artist and designer living in Copenhagen.

Through a vast variety of styles and expressions her work spands from studies of wildlife and landscape, to comic strips, to an imagery of fables and fairy tales, to apparel fashion print design. In many of her paintings, with Nature as a foremost source of inspiration, she intertwines natural motifs with elements from the world of comics, thus creating an unconventional context.
In Bech’s drawings, quote: “small doodles on big issues” she comments on life in momentary observations and somewhat cynical, but humorous, statements. Her recent projects include murals and a light installation.
Aahus University Art Association, Roskilde, Denmark, 2017
KAD art association, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2016
Beauton Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2015
Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2011
Galore, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2010, 2009
Kunstforeningen Det Poetiske Bureau, Copenhagen DK, 2009
Mindwarp, Copenhagen DK, 2005
SWLA,  Mall Galleries, London UK, 2004, 2002
The Show Two, RCA, London UK, 2003
London Zoo, UK, 2003
The Folio Society, RCA, London UK, 2003, 2002
(MA) Royal College of Art,  London UK, 2001-2003 - Communication, Art and Design and dept. of Natural History Art
Danmarks Designskole, Copenhagen DK, 1996-2001 - dept. Visual Communication


Penneveninder, 1st Anthology, Zombie Geizja- a comic strip, DK, 2010
Møn, Vandrefalkens Ø, ”Moen, Island of the Perigrine Falcon” Danish Artists for Nature, DK, 2005
Artist redency
Moen, Danish artists for Nature, DK, 2005
North Berwick, Scotland UK, 2004 + 2002
Print Designer, Day Birger et Mikkelsen, Copenhagen DK, 2012, 2013
Print Designer, Noir A/S, Copenhagen DK, 2009-2012
Mural at the Hotel Fox, ”Concrete Forest”, 2011