Ola Juliussen

Artist Ola Juliussen b. 1969, works is surreal and unique in its own way. The process is immediate with the sole purpose of creation in the moment of abstraction. The drawings is the subject of Juliussens rich imagination and they often have wild sweeping lines, undulating curves, spiraling forms, along with surreal vivid three dimensional architectural constructions.

Juliussen has the excellent ability to combine the modern graphical with the traditional depth, creating his own unique and wonderful works of art.  


1989-1990/1992-1993 Konstskolan Base, Stockholm
1991-1992 Royal Institute of Technology, Architecture, Stockholm
1993-1994 Royal Malmoe Art Academy decided Stockholm
1994-1996 The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen
1996-1998 University of Lund / Malmoe Art Academy decided
Selected exhibitions
2017 Fuglsøcenteret, Knebel
2017 Sostrup Slot, Grenå
2016 Høks, Aarhus
2016 Beauton Art Fair, Copenhagen
2015 TERMA, Herlev
2011 Autumn Art Exhibition, Copenhagen
2010 Art House of Jutland, Grenå
2008 Ministry of Culture, Ebeltoft
2004 Ekebyhovs Castle Stockholm
2001 Galleraget, Stockholm
2000 Sculpture for Einstürzende Neubauten, Train, Aarhus
1999 Artists' Easter Exhibition, Aarhus
1999 Radio Denmark, Aarhus
1998 Scenario The Chocolate Factory, Malmö
1998 Scenario Elverket, Stockholm
1997 Anlagd Pildamsparken, Malmö
1996 k-tissue 66 m Sigurdur Gudmundsson Malmö Art Hall
1996 Narrative Structures with Jim Shaw and Marnie Weber, Forum, Malmö
1996 Gallery Peep, Malmö
1995 Arteria Council cellar, Copenhagen