Tina Louise Hunderup

Currently based in Copenhagen, danish architect and visual artist Tina Louise Hunderup works in a crossfield between architecture and fine art. A focus on spacial elements and multiple layers, inspired by temporary architectural constructions, and abondened industrial buildings in decay, characterize her artworks.

In her praxis are objects and elements with pure functional qualities and history of use, processed and transformed to motifs of aesthetic value, producing new identities and meanings. This is beeing done through combining it with other media, through the specific composition or colour choice.
Working with cross-disciplinary skills such as photography, digital drawing, painting and sculpturing, Tina Louise explores the quality in letting the different media interact in a ´visual blend´of fragmentation and dynamical forms.
2011 - The Artists Fall Exhibition 11, Copenhagen
2011 - Kunstforening Hjørring Kommune
2010 - The Shipyardloft, Copenhagen.
2009 - b-huset, Copenhagen
2009 - Mærsk Kunstforening, Esbjerg
2009 - Roxy Klassic Møbler, Copenhagen
2007 - Kunstforening Nordjyske Stifttidende
2006 - Kunstforening KPMG, Aarhus
2000 - 2006 - Galleri John Nielsen,Hjørring
2005 - 2006 - First Display
2005 - Kunstforening Aarhus Architecture School
2004 - Café Klostertorvet, Aalborg
2004 - Kunstforening AF, Aalborg
2004 - Kunstforening Repsol,DK
2004 - 2005 - Lawyer Frank Iburg,Aarhus
2003 - Café Sauer, Aarhus
2008 - Illustration Class, Art Institute 3rd Ward, New York City
2007 - MA, Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark
2004 - BA, Aarhus School of Architecture
2004 - BA Minor in Photography Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark
2000 - School of Art. Krabbesholm Hoejskole, Denmark
2000 - School of visual art, Hjoerring, Denmark