Marck Fink

Marck Fink, artist, born in 1977 in Copenhagen.

The intimate world inspires, - reflections on designs, graphic fragments and rhythmic structures - from sources like publications, the Internet and own photographic material. A constant search for symbols and icons from the past and the present, which may be included in the artworks. Characters that reveals a new world of stories and hidden layers.
The creation starts in a vacuum more than on a blank canvas, the stories are born, during a process of conscious and unconscious factors that come into play in a dynamic rhythm. The artwork is created based on obstacles, versus the search for new paths, and the process itself suddenly also become part of the story.
The essential desire is to create a visual expression that reflects a passion for telling stories - where layers intertwine often without narrative or moral. As in life, it is up to the viewer to create meaning and coherence .
The joy is to share, challenge and surprise the eye, touching the viewer's emotions, and let them explore the puzzles in their thoughts.
Solo exhibitions:
2015 Beauton Art Fair, Copenhagen
2014 Galleri Hegnhøj & Blyme, Copenhagen
2013 Galleri Djursland, Denmark
2013 Cobra-rummet, Sophienholm
2012 Housing association 3B Art association
2012 Egmont Art association
2011 AON Art association
2011 Finansforbundets Art association
2010 JP/Politikens Hus Art association
2009 Brøndbyøster Kirke
2009 Brøndby Art association
2008 Kulturhuset Viften, Rødovre
Group Exhibitions:
2013 Galleri Nobel “Deilig å være dansk i Norge”, Oslo
2012 Marginal Advertising, Vejle
2011 Kunst for alle, Copenhagen
2011 Copenhagen Art Fair, Frederiksberg
2010 Group exhibition at art collector Jens Olof Hegnhøj, Copenhagen
2010 Copenhagen Art Fair, Frederiksberg
2009 Primo Piano Gallery, “Water cube: The time mashine”, Lecce, Italy
2007 HCU Hvidovre Censurerede Udstilling, Hvidovre