Untitled XIV


29.7 × 42 cm
11.69 × 16.54 in
1.800 kr.
EUR 242
USD 281
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Watercolor, ink and gouache on 200g. acid-free fine art paper

An original drawing by Emilie Aastrup

Fit a standard A3 frame. Frame not included.

Emilie Aastrup graduated from Camberwell College of Art in 2013 and works with drawing, painting, illustration, prints and zines.

In her artworks Emilie examines how humans relate to their environment. Both in terms of the relation to nature and the city, but also the space created in relation to other people and the ego itself.

Aastrup uses drawings and paintings to visualize intangible everyday phenomena that are difficult to maintain and put into words. The term interacts with the figurative narrative language and the abstract degraded language. The works are often part of a long-term exploration of a topic or problem which is supported by systematic drawing experiments.