Trap I


30 × 42 cm
11.81 × 16.54 in
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With this series, Thomas Dausell has returned to a more simple and abstract style, led by his usual violent and at the same time sensitive line.

It is about an immediacy in the presence of standing in front of the blank canvas. The title TRAPS refers to the condition before you start painting, a hint of being trapped in yourself and your own style.

Dausell's work is driven by change and transformation. He creates a space which is constantly moving. He captures the relation between construction and demolition in repeatedly interaction. He works spontaneously, catches the unforeseen in a process which is constantly changing. Space are being created and at the same moment destroyed. Recognizable elements are put together in an abstract landscape, in a way so that you sense that they are broken – but not unrecognizable.

The works enter a subtle, sophisticated way, where they still has a function. In his pictures you experience an alternate between expanse and room, which in a picture-technically way can guide or deflect the spectator: If you search for the illusion in the well-known you will constantly be reminded, that it is just an abstract painting. In his work Thomas Dausell makes contrasts meet in an aesthetically process: Simplicity opposite chaos, darkness opposite light, destruction opposite beauty.