Babel 02:55 PM


100 × 140 cm
39.37 × 55.12 in
15.300 kr.
EUR 2.056
USD 2,391
Noemi Staniszewska is a graduate from The Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and is working on her PhD studies within visual arts.
In her works, she mostly focuses on the concept of passing time in the relation between the modern world and the history of art.
In the series of artworks titled “Paintings About Speed Are Painted Slowly” Staniszewska deliberately slowed down the process of painting in the conviction that haste is stopping the experimental state that leads to progress. 
The series act as a manifesto against the increasing rush of the modern life regarding Marc Auge’s concept of non-places. I this context, highways are particularly interesting as they are spaces that one can only pass by, without any possibility to stop and experience the place.