Little Fish


150 × 100 cm
59.06 × 39.37 in
18.000 DKK
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This is a contemporary oil painting sized 100x150 cm, landscape format. In terms of style it balances between figuration and abstraction. It is reminiscent of a mysterious, surreal scenery, where strange objects interact with each other in strange ways. Loosely inspired by the work of Yves Tanguy. It is mostly an oil painting with addition of acrylic and pen drawing. The painting is a part of the author's graduation diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw which was selected to take part in the "Coming Out - Best Degree pieces at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw 2018" exhibition.

Piotr Dudek artistic endeavors are not easy to classify: his visual inspirations range from Paolo Uccello, surrealism through German neo-expressionism and old Russian illustrations to comic books and others.

His favorite material is packing paper, because it allows the work to breathe and his artistic philosophy is to accept as much accident as possible, not to be controlled by the intellect. His method of work is organic and also like the one of a sculptor – he compulsively builds up the matter and only then subtracts whatever is necessary.

The theme of the work are mainly figures, human, animalistic or both at the same time. The artist is trying to make the viewer wonder whether those creatures act in a rational way or they are just driven by the chaos around them. In other words: “Does the thing I’m looking at have a brain?”. Also, he considers giving titles to works an important part of the artistic process. Associations between images and words are a playground.