Trypticon #1


95 × 95 cm
37.4 × 37.4 in
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Trypticon #1 - 95 x 95 cm. Original painting on a Bob playing table by artist Simon Buch

Simon Buch Petersen (f.1983) is a graduate of BGK. and an established Danish artist from Esbjerg, which has experienced great success over the past 10 ýears. He has exhibited in several galleries in Jutland and participated in several juried exhibitions.

Buch is an artistic rebel and a dedicated provocateur inspired by graffiti, street art, architecture, fashion, design, music, sex, life and death. Where these impressions he transforms to explosive, unique and outstanding works.

His approach to art is by constantly throwing himself into the most unimaginable environments and situations. He finds his inspiration in the street where he studying different human character and behavior.