Lost & Found


90 × 100 cm
35.43 × 39.37 in
12.000 DKK
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Lost & Found - 90 x 100 cm. An original painting by Anja Hemmingsen

The main topic by Hemmingsen is a reconstructed reality usually inspired by photographs, postcards or clippings from books and magazines. Hemmingsen’s works can often be traced back from geographical and topographical natural phenomenons. But in general has the viewer few clues from which to deduct a the particular natural inspiration. The recurring mixture of cubic / constructive elements and references to nature/landscapes ensure that each image is perceived as an independent composition of colors and shapes.
The colors in the works are one of the main driving forces in Hemmingsens artistic ambitions. Where she challenges the viewer through sliding shades, opposite brushstrokes and above all in the texture where it is the purpose for the viewer to accept the consequences that goes beyond or even across the decorative.
Anja Hemmingsen has among others participated in several juried exhibitions in Denmark. 
Written by art historian Erik Mortensen