Morten Løfberg

Morten Løfberg is originally trained within silk printing, but art has for almost 10 years, been the core of all his work. And today his life is a combination of art illustrations and studying in the Media and Journalism School.

Løfberg's fun and peculiar images are all drawn with nothing more than ballpoint pen on gray recycled cardboard. Creating images made out of cheap and easily available materials has the purpose of a 100 % focus on technique an motif. And if the images also makes people smile now and then his work is done. His imagery explores a world of animals which has a cute and fun feel to them, combined with references to everyday life, all in simple and low key colors.
Løfberg never makes sketches and draws directly with either ballpoint pen or marker. This challenges his creativity and ability to improvise if drawn incorrectly. In this way his works are open for peculiarities and unexpected elements in the creation of the artwork. His artworks are often quite big and take weeks and even months to do. 
2013 Group exhibition at Copenhagen City Hall, February.
2012 Group exhibition at DANSK made for rooms, furniture store in Copenhagen in collaboration with Gallery BobbleGun.
2012 Group exhibition NCU (Næstved Cencureret Exhibition), 3 works assumed. Granted award for the third best work.
2012 Exhibited 8 images digitally to the opening of Ivana Helsinki store in Soho, New York.
2012 Solo exhibition at Rødovre Library. 2nd-22. August.
2012 Group exhibition at Gallery Fire Mountain.
2012 Represented at the art fair in Munich through Gallery Lunch Money.
2012 Group exhibition HCU (Hvidovre Censored Exhibition), 4 works accepted.
2011 Photos of Art Rebels Christmas shop on Blågårdsgade, Copenhagen.
2011 Proposal for a poster design for Amenesty International's anniversary, exhibited in Denmark Mediemuseeum, Odense.
2011 Group Exhibition at Rødovre Library. - Awarded year price of Culture and Leisure. 
2011 Group Exhibition (Young Guns 2011) at Gallery Lunch Money, Aarhus
2011 Courtesy of Art Rebels, online art gallery. 
2011 Group Exhibition at Spire Festival on Tuse Headlands, Holbæk. 
2011 Solo exhibition at BIC, European headquarters, Gothenburg. 
2011 Group Exhibition at Spire Festival on Tuse Headlands, Holbæk. 
2008 Exhibition at Grundfos. 
2007 Group Exhibition at the Basement, basement of VEGA in Copenhagen. 
2007 Group show at Gallery Ozo & Art. 
2007 Solo exhibition at Grundfos. 
2006 Solo exhibition at Alka.
2012 Decoration of Friday in Media & Journalism School, Copenhagen. 
2012 Roskilde Festival '12, decorating the wall at the festival site. 
2012 Decoration of showroom with Dickies / TSG. 
2012 Decoration of showroom with Dickies / The Bonk. 
2011 Roskilde festival '11, Decorations of backstage area behind Cosmopol stage.
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