Sao Paulo


100 × 70 cm
39.37 × 27.56 in
4.500 DKK
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Drawn in black ink on recycled paper. Comes with a matt aluminum frame.

Løfberg's fun and peculiar images are all drawn with nothing more than ballpoint pen on gray recycled cardboard. Creating images made out of cheap and easily available materials has the purpose of a 100 % focus on technique an motif. And if the images also makes people smile now and then his work is done. 
His imagery explores a world of animals which has a cute and fun feel to them, combined with references to everyday life, all in simple and low key colors.
Løfberg never makes sketches and draws directly with either ballpoint pen or marker. This challenges his creativity and ability to improvise if drawn incorrectly. In this way his works are open for peculiarities and unexpected elements in the creation of the artwork. His artworks are often quite big and take weeks and even months to do.