Laurits Gulløv

Laurits Gulløv primarily works with graphics, text, drawings and sculptures and he is curious about the distinction between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional space.

The material revolves around paper and the works often play with the contrast between opposites. His work is usually text-based although it is seldom apparent in the works.


The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in October 2016 -

Vera - School of Art and Design autumn 2014 and spring 2015

Rhythmic School in Vig, autumn 2013


RUM solo exhibition Exhibition Space Q 18-21. november 2016

RUM solo exhibition Kunsthal Varte 3-30. september 2016

Rundgang The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in June 2016

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Spring Exhibition, Space Q January 2016

Obstruction VERA June 2015

"What was happening and what was going on in the Post-weather" Project room VERA February 2015

Café Nutid maj 2014

"Reflection" 14-28 March 2014 Gentofte Central Library