Impossible Rainbow yellow/purple


140 × 100 cm
55.12 × 39.37 in
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Impossible Rainbow Yellow/purple - 140 x 100 cm. Limited edition linocut print by Marta Banaszak

Print that is part of the Doctoral Thesis „Khan Asad Pasha, Monograph of the form”
All prints come from artist’s own edition of 12 proofs (épreuve d’artiste)

The Neural Correlate Society is a non-profit organization that promotes research into the neural bases of perception and cognition. The community includes neuroscientists, ophthalmologists, neurologists, and visual artists that create illusions to help discover the neural underpinnings of illusory perception. Every year the Neural Correlate Society organizes a very special competition- the Best Illusion of the Year Contest. The linocut is a variation of the impossible figure created by Dejan Todorović, that won the first contest, back in 2005.