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Ferrofluid - 70 x 100 cm. Limited edition linocut print by Marta Banaszak

Black and white linocut printed, signed and dated by the artist. On single sheet 100x70 cm FABRIANO Rosaspina Bianco 260g paper.
All prints come from artist’s own edition of 12 proofs (épreuve d’artiste)

This linocut received a Distinction in the 2015 International Gielniak Print Competition.
The linocut print is part of the Doctoral Thesis „Khan Asad Pasha, Monograph of the form”

Ferrofluid is a liquid that becomes magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. Behaves like a living creature. Moving, changing, beautiful in its regularity. Image created with few thousand white points, carved in linoleum, where each dot is unique and unrepeatable.

In the tradition of the Polish School of Printmaking. Since 1950 polish printmakers developed the technique of point linocut. The artist brings out a wide range of shades of grey from the linoleum plate by means of innumerable amount of small points of varied intensity. The more white dots, the more light. The linoleum plate is usually cut with a sharp-pointed chisel, but “maniac” printmakers use veterinary needles.