140 × 100 cm
55.12 × 39.37 in
9.600 kr.
14 day full return-right

HOOH - 140 x 100 cm. Limited edition linocut print by Marta Banaszak

Monotype linocut printed, signed and dated by the artist. On double FABRIANO Rosaspina Bianco 260g paper (total size 140x100 cm).

All prints come from artist’s own edition of 12 proofs (épreuve d’artiste)

Hydrogen Peroxide molecule. HOOH atoms are represented as spheres. Modern chemistry uses a specific chart of colors, for visualization purpose. The color scheme of atoms is: carbon = light-grey, chlorine = green, oxygen = red, bromine and zinc = brown, hydrogen = white, sodium = blue, nitrogen = light-blue, iron = purple, sulfur = yellow, calcium and other metals = dark-grey, phosphorus = orange, unknown = deep-pink.

Nature is the artist. The “Scientific Landscapes” series of linocuts and oil paintings is based on hand-picked images from the scientific world. These images are created by nature itself, they are transmitted to us through technological devices.