A missed chance to Wonderland


100 × 120 cm
39.37 × 47.24 in
14.500 DKK
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An utopia has fallen and lost its glory, now only left with a melancolic feeling of what it once was.

The work is a part of a series, all dealing with the decay of abandoned constructions in old amusement parks. A new meaning and identity is created through fragmentation and layers of spacial geometrical forms.

Digital collage of photo and vector graphics. This print as a socalled Lambda Print, mounted on a Dibon panel. It comes with hangers wich makes it hang 1 cm off the wall.

In Tina Louise Hunderup's works praxis are objects and elements with pure functional qualities and history of use, processed and transformed to motifs of aesthetic value, producing new identities and meanings. This is beeing done through combining it with other media, through the specific composition or colour choice.

Working with cross-disciplinary skills such as photography, digital drawing, painting and sculpturing, Tina Louise explores the quality in letting the different media interact in a ´visual blend´of fragmentation and dynamical forms.