The celebration – Lost in celebration VI


195 × 155 cm
76.77 × 61.02 in
32.000 DKK
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Original oil painting by Marck Fink

The celebration/lost in celebration" are about light and darkness, about long nordic joyful summer nights where everything seems possible, people everywhere laughing, talking, swimming ... we celebrate life, lovers, families, friendships!

One day the party is gone and the darkness takes over.

Days are getting shorter, brown leaves on the ground, cold mornings, wet nights and the darkness around us seems like it will never leave us again. We have to deal with the nordic melancholy and find the light in our minds untill that day where the early spring will guide us toward the outer light again

Marck Fink is inspired by graphic fragments and rhythmic structures - from sources like publications, the Internet and own photographic material. A constant search for symbols and icons from the past and the present, which may be included in the artworks. Characters that reveals a new world of stories and hidden layers.

The creation starts in a vacuum more than on a blank canvas, the stories are born, during a process of conscious and unconscious factors that come into play in a dynamic rhythm. The artwork is created based on obstacles, versus the search for new paths, and the process itself suddenly also become part of the story...