Loose & Win


120 × 150 cm
47.24 × 59.06 in
32.000 kr.
14 day full return-right

Original oil painting by Djana Vallespir

"Brothers without ties" A series of paintings with well-dressed young men based on Djana's father's story. "My grandfather was in a car accident and my father remembers how his father afterwards laid in the bed at home and shed blood until he died. My grandmother was suddenly left alone with fire children. She broke down and my father was sent to boarding school as an 8 year old in Barcelona.⠀

At boarding school, he forged friendships with other boys who became like brothers to him. Not of blood, men of bands, they themselves bound. And as if they were family members, they cared for each other, teased each other, and developed their own rituals."⠀

The works focus on being sent away from the family's safe confines, and where it forces one to make new relationships and survival patterns. Finding a safe environment among strangers and creating bonds, even if they are not blood ties. In the paintings, the men are difficult to determine in age. They interact with each other, men either have them closed or no eyes at all. They have something secret or undiscovered I say and it can give messages a calm look at a picture that does not touch back. The unspoken is central, and the identity of those portrayed is not brushed off. One point could be, in man rarely know and man fully, even if one is close to it.

Vallespir works and lives in Copenhagen and is primarily known for her high stylized surrealism mixed with themes from pop culture, "Pop Surrealism."

There are tensions in her paintings and a disturbing psychological feeling closely balanced with a visual sense of humor and the serious.