Dorte Naomi

Artist Dorte Naomi  b. 1975, works are mesmerizing blends of teeth-clenching horror, humor, fantasy and reality. It is her personal visions which she brings to life in her deeply compelling and well composed compositions. Where her rich imagination, artistry and her unique ability of cutting it to the bone is the foundation for her work.

Naomi's work have been widely recognized for her passion, immense skills and the imagination in her memorable drawings and paintings. Below you see a selected list of exhibitions. 

Selected solo exhibitions
TANK, Meta Rose, Aarhus, 2012
Chaos Rules, Black Box Gallery, 2012
Bob Noon, Monstermis, 2010
Gallery LABR, Black Cat Magic, 2010
BANKO, Your Father, 2009
X-Piles, Live Evil, 2009
Falkener Project Welcome Ghosts, 2009
Falkener Project, Step On No Pets, 2006
Selected group exhibitions
Exhibition space CMYK, somewhere in the city, 2012
Vess Showroom, Udvold, 2011
Exhibition space CMYK, Wood, 2011
Overgaden, Art Publications, 2011
Gallery LABR, Black Cat Magic, 2010
Gallery LABR, Pink Guitar Destruction, 2010
Falkener Project, Lights Out, 2009
The city's Inn, Beers 2, 2009
WAS, Dieseland, October 2009
Art Cph, Falkener Project, 2009
Gallery LABR, Grand Opening, 2009
Gallery Bunch, Muggie Moscow and Friends, 2009
Falkener Project, Summer Exhibition, 2009
Turbulence, 2009
Exhibition space CMYK, 2009
WAS, Darkness exhibited, 2008
Art Rebels, Papercuts, 2008
Art Cph, Falkener Project, 2008
Milk Contemporary, Dark Milk, 2008
Element 31, Mask Plan, 2008
Falkener Project, whew, 2007
Musée16, Black Plague, Portland, Oregon, USA, 2007
Musée16, Black Hole, Portland, Oregon, USA, 2007
Momo-Cph, Monster Bird, 2007
Art Cph, Falkener Project, 2007
Galerie Edition Cph, Diesel New Art, 2006
Nantes, France, Young Talents, 2006
A house, Islands Brygge, 2006