Sally Santana

Sally Santana is very much a nerd when it comes to how things are made. All techniques of "making" fascinates her. She likes to split things apart to see how they work.

So when she discovered printing she was amazed by the many techniques and ways of doing things with all kind of different rules. She likes to twist the rules and see if she can create a new language with a new expression and she also hopes that one day a techniques nerd will see one of her prints and wonder what the fuck happened.

At the moment she is very fascinated by the silk screen printing and this is for sure something she wishes to work more with. She sees this media as an endless playground.

She doesn't plan or systemize her work. Right now she works with the translation of things which happens to her whereas she has previously used a combination of documenting and concept.

"Excerpts from Blacklisted"


Close and Loud, Byens Kro, Copenhagen (2017)

Seriegrafi & Lys, Ukiyo, Copenhagen (2017)

Seriegrafi & Lys, Kw3, Copenhagen (2016)

City Fence, Frederiksberg Metro, Copenhagen (2014)

Solo, Den Gule Villa, Frederiksberg (2013)

Solo, Kulturværftet, Helsingør (2012)

Illustrations for the publishing agency Schjønning (2012)



Featured in Blacklisted (2017)



2015 - 2016, Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk.

2013 - 2014, Ulk (The Young's Laboratory of Art at the National Museum of Art)

2013, Glyptoteket's classic drawing school.

2011 - 2012, Fatamorgana in the aspirant class.