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Djana Vallespir

Paintings, pop art, pop surrealism, realism, art, online galleries, best, talented artists
Vallespir works and lives in Copenhagen and is primarily known for her high stylized surrealism mixed with themes from pop culture, "Pop Surrealism."
There are tensions in her paintings and a disturbing psychological feeling closely balanced with a visual sense of humor.
2005: Bryggergaarden - Fåborg
2005: Gallery KiK - Kerteminde
2006: Baghuset - Old Kongevej på Frb.
2006: Lægehuset - Hinnerup
2006: Café Drudenfuss - Aarhus
2007: Rudolf Mathis - Kerteminde
2007: Recommended - Aarhus
2007: Café Drudenfuss - Aarhus
2008: Artville - Berlin
2009: VUC - Aarhus
2009: Restaurant Lisager - Risskov Århus
2010: Gallery Keller Farm
2011: Gallery Olsen - KBH V
2011: Culture Zentrum - Minden, Germany
2012: The city's museum of art - gallop
2012: Group IT Capital Region
2013: Censored exhibition - ART Festival in Kerteminde
2014: Invited as a guest for exhibition - ART Festival in Kerteminde
2014: Winner title "Artist of the Year" - International Art Festival
2014: Artist Association NOA - Brøndsalen Frb. Have
2015: Odense City Hall: "Art Against Cancer"
2015: Samart - The Theater Building in Køge
2015: Gallery Blaa - Kbh N
2016: Wall painting at Kalle Bodega - KBH
2016: Artist Association NOA - Brøndsalen Frb. Have
2016: Odense Theater Arts Association - Odense
2017: The Artist Association MULT - The Holy Spirit Church Strøget KBH
2001: Illustration the children's song "Songs of Time."
2004: Illustration plate cover: Brimstone Butterfly
2010: Illustration plate cover: StereoLove
2011: Release of own record: "Revuelta" Djana Vallespir
2013: Silo painting "Mermaid" International Art Festival
2016: Painting mural at Kalle Bodega, KBH
Legislation and prices:
2011: Grant awarded from The Danish Arts Foundation 
2014: Artist of the Year - International Art Festival