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Suse Hartung

Paintings by bears, polar bears, eagles, deer, animals and humans, modern art online

Suse Hartung has since 1993 participated in several art exhibitions, and is a trained textile designer from Denmark's Design School with her own company.

Her design of T-shirts, dresses, coats and raincoats have been featured in several magazines and newspapers.
In some of the paintings, oil is mixed with textile printing, and the others are entirely oil paintings.
The paintings are motifs of animals and humans in sharp and funny lines. The animals are placed in odd situations, often with people in landscapes and cityscapes. Humans and animals are portrayed in a natural harmony as a section of a surreal life.
Suse Hartungs polar bears and other animals gets so much life, so they almost step out of the picture.
Paintings Fields level 1
Paintings Miamedmere, Hippo & Habengoth
Paintings, Fields Design Store
Paintings, Coop Art Society
Paintings, DS Norden Art Society
Paintings, Zoo, Copenhagen
Paintings, Gallery Bomhuset
Paintings, Copenhagen Unfair
Paintings, Customs & Excise Board 
Paintings, DPL - University of Copenhagen
Paintings, The Board of Economics
Paintings, Rehabilitation Center, Copenhagen
Paintings, The Danish Environmental Protection Agency
2003-2007 Paintings, Polka
2005 Paintings, The Danish Society for Nature Conservation
2002 Paintings, Copenhagen Police Headquarters.
Paintings, The Danish Board of Finance
Paintings, Bilka (design department in Aarhus)
Paintings, Svalegangen -theater gallery in Aarhus.
1999-2000 Paintings, Tor och Freya, in Gothenburg Sweden.
Paintings, Cafe Rust.
Textiles in spatial coherence, Langelinje pavilion.
Paintings, A T P house, Hillerød.
1996 Fiber Art, Art & Design.
1995 Paintings, The Winegallery.
1994 Paintings, The Winegallery.
1993 Graphics and Paintings, Gallery Vinga in Gothenburg Sweden.
2010 Three paintings on the Go-Card
2007 Three paintings on the Go-Card
1995-2000 Denmark's Design School (specialty textiles and costumes).
1993-1995 Visual Arts (drawing, painting, modeling).
1993-1993 School of visual arts (drawing, graphics, graphic design, modeling).
1991-1992 Art History, University of Gothenburg
1999-1999 Wilhelm Hansen Foundation - Set design for Svalegangens Puppetry