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Beauton Art Gallery is the best place to buy original art online. Find the perfect original painting, drawing & more.

Artist Application

Apply to exhibit
At Beauton, we represent established and acclaimed artists and emerging strong talents, as we predict a great future in art.
We are always looking for new talents and established artists who want to become part of our art community. So write if you think you are interested.
You apply by writing to with the subject application. In application, we must have a brief description of your art where you have exhibited, education and at least ten pictures of your works. If you have a website with this information, a link to this is sufficient.
We see all applications through, but unfortunately, we receive too many to answer them all. Therefore, we only contact the artists where we believe their art will fit into our collection.
Artist FAQ
Which art exhibits we? 
We display art in all genres, style, size, and medium. All artworks are reviewed by our curators, both before admission and before it is exhibited.
How do you market & expose your exhibited art and artist?
Besides having a big art platform available every hour on all days of the week. We display our artists and their art by the following channels:
- Advertisements both online and print media
- Publishing on the most widely used social media
- Ads via Google, as well as other relevant art communities
- Collaborations with art associations and companies.
- Having exhibitions and attend art fairs.
Our artists gain global exposure and have been featured in international art magazines like American Art Magazine, Juxtapoz Magazine, SXSW Art, Vice and much more.
What is your commission? 
- We take 30 percent commission. 
Is it free to exhibit your art? 
- Yes, it is free to show your art in Beauton. We take 30 percent commission, only when an artwork is sold.
How does an actual sale work?
- The art is sent directly from the artist to the buyer unless Beauton exhibits it.

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